I do not know anything about repayment. I had to take out my parent’s PLUS loans for them, so I am confused. When do I have to begin profitable behind my loans? I am a freshman, so can I compensate my loans behind after graduation? When do my relatives have to begin profitable behind their loan?

I am unfortunate for answers. My relatives and friends have been clueless, and I can’t find the info I wish online


just not that January 30, 2014 at 2:04 pm

the PLUS loan is not your loan to repay… so you don’t have to ever make a payment on that one. PLUS loans are your parents loans and their responsibility to repay. They will need to start making payments a month or so after you start school (yes START school, not finish school, so make sure they know this or you won’t be getting another PLUS loan).

Student loans (called Stafford loans) are YOUR loans to repay. You don’t start making payments on these until after you graduate or drop out.

Also be aware that if you chose a school that is expensive enough that you need both stafford and parent loans, that you will need to CONTINUE to take out both kinds of loans for all the years you are in school (because it ain’t getting any cheaper). So be sure your parents know this VERY WELL. You certainly don’t want to waste your time and their money at a school you will never be able to return to after a year when they figure out they will be making TWO PLUS loan payments when you are a sophomore, THREE PLUS loan payments when you are a junior, and FOUR PLUS loan payments by the time you are a senior.

Just so you know!

prplfae January 30, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Your loans don’t enter repayment untill six months after you leave school or go less than half time. your parnets plus loans enter repayment as soon as the funds are fully disbursed (sent to the school) which may happen right away or it may happen in your second semester depending on how the loans are disbursed. however, your parents can request a school deferment so the loan won’t have to be paid off untill six months after you leave school like yours. keep in mind there are no subsidized plus loans, so if they do get the deferment the interest will build up the entire time. it would be wise to pay the interest as it accrues.

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