I was awarded unsub loans and underling loans. I practical dual days ago with the loan promise agency. I checked yesterday and it is usually display underling loan pending. What could which be about? Will my propagandize supplement the unsub loan once it certifies my loans with this agency. As of now, my propagandize has not approved the loan or it is in the routine of you do so.

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musicluvr April 1, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Subsidized loans are the first to be approved, so until it is determined how much you qualify for in subsidized loans (the ones in which the government pays the interest for you), they cannot tell you what you qualify for in unsubsidized loans because once your subsidized loan amount is approved, they’ll most likely make your unsubsidized loan amount for the balance, up to the limit for your particular ‘year’ in school.

Once your sub is approved, they’ll know what amount you have left to use – up to the limit.

Hope this helps!

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