I am fundamentally wondering if you have to begin repaying your undergraduate loans 6 months after you connoisseur if you fool around on in attendance connoisseur school, or if they hold off it until you’re finished with connoisseur school? Will you have dual loans or only one when you’re done?
I assimilate the total undergraduate loan routine but i’m only not certain what happens if a tyro decides on connoisseur school.
Thank you

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Sallie Mae April 15, 2014 at 5:29 am

Federal student loans can be deferred during grad school as long as you’re attending an accredited school at least half time. If you have private student loans, you should check with your lender to verify what your deferment options are.

You will have multiple loans when you’re done – each academic year requires a different loan with a different disbursement date.

Here’s some info on loans for graduate school:

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